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Hello from a pre-sunrise Oxfordshire! This is a brief episode simply to highlight the Manchester Hyperbolic Coral Reef and the drop in sessions that are taking place today, 9th November 2013, Sunday 17th November and Sunday 1st December, all 1pm to 4.30pm at the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road.details can be found here. I've lifted this from the Ravelry group:

First off, and really importantly, all contributions should be made in synthetic yarn only. This is because the kind of creepy crawlies who munch through natural fibres are just the blighters who also munch through precious ancient artefacts. It’s a great excuse to use up your squeaky synthetics or have an excuse to buy that dirt cheap acrylic that’s keeps on tempting you in the pound shop!
Secondly, to avoid our coral reef ending up looking like a big pile of multicolour jumble, we’ll be sticking to a limited palette of greens, blues, purples, whites and creams if possible. A few brighter colours can be used as edgings or for small detailing but if we stick to the palette it’ll give us the opportunity to pick out starfish, anemones etc. in brighter colours later. Nice!

If you are in a knitting group please get everyone involved! There will be sessions at the Museum that you might want to come along to or please feel free to crack on at home.
You can drop off or post any contributions c/o Wendy Gallagher at

The Manchester Museum,
The University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
Manchester, M13 9PL

Patterns can be found here.

Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album Tråd, available from Magnatune.

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We have a listeners' map. Please go on over to pop in a pin - we're covering 5 continents now but I'd still love to see where you all are! Please feel free to leave a comment here or at http://www.yarnsfromtheplain.blogspot.com/, or email me at yarnsfromtheplain AT googlemail DOT com. We have a Ravelry group here, so come on over to chat. You can find me on Ravelry as talesfromtheplain and on Twitter as talesfromplain (although Tweeting can be sporadic!).

Nic x

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