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Hello from a definitely spring-like Cheshire Plain. In this episode I grovel about my tardiness, share a story of infestation and cuddle up under my sock yarn blanket. On a technical note, apologies for the sound quality. I recorded it on my iPhone, but of course that's in an MP4 format, not MP3, so I couldn't import it into Audacity to edit, hence the hiss and the lack of theme tune. Hopefully normal service will resume next time.

What's on my hooks and needles: I finished my own Rowan Colourscape cowl over the New Year and that's the only thing I've finished all year! Ravelry details here.

I have however knitted and crocheted some squares for the Baker's Dozen swaps:

Europe II for andigal

Europe I for danioma

Pictures of the squares I've received are here.

I'm also working on my sock yarn blanket, so here are the photos from this morning:

Something I really like: My Fitflop Mukluk boots. Mine are in chocolate!

Upcoming events: A variety of courses from Purl City Yarns in Manchester; Moebius Knitting at Fibre and Clay on 26th March; Cheshire SWD Guild spinning at Norton Priory (16th April) and Dunham Massey (7th and 8th May)

Feel free to leave a comment here or at http://www.yarnsfromtheplain.blogspot.com/, or email me at yarnsfromtheplain@googlemail.com. We have a Ravelry group here, so come on over to chat. You can find me on Ravelry as talesfromtheplain and on Twitter as talesfromplain (although Tweeting can be sporadic!).



Repost of Episode 22 in MP3 format.

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